Release notes

GraphDB release notes provide information about the features and improvements in each release, as well as various bugfixes. GraphDB’s versioning scheme is based on semantic versioning. The full version is composed of three components:


e.g., 8.1.2 where the major version is 8, the minor version is 1 and the patch version is 2.


Releases with the same major and minor versions do not contain any new features. Releases with different patch versions contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous minor. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version.

GraphDB 8 includes two components with their version numbers:

  • RDF4J
  • GraphDB Connectors

Their versions use the same semantic versioning scheme as the whole product, and their values are provided only as a reference.

GraphDB 8.11.0

Released: 9 August 2019

Component versions

RDF4J Connectors
2.5.2 11.0.0


  • Fixed a bug that may cause the insertion of incorrect data in concurrent transactions adding new RDF resources with multiple operations.
  • Eliminated potential security vulnerability by upgrading third party libraries with known security vulnerabilities.
  • Improved the cluster security to support the use of additional headers for service monitoring.
  • Optimized plugin and connector notifications for update operations which add and delete the same information.


Fixed a critical bug in the engine (see GDB-3640). We strongly recommend all our users of GraphDB 8.7.x or later version to upgrade to GraphDB 8.11.0 to eliminate data corruption by concurrent transactions with multiple operations.

GraphDB Engine & Cluster

New features

  • GDB-3621 More selective choice of HTTP headers in the cluster’s authentication protocol

Bug fixing

  • GDB-3640 Issues with parallel entity pool connections and creating entities during the precommit phase
  • GDB-3748 Upgrade third party libraries reported with known security vulnerabilities

GraphDB Plugins & Connectors

Bug fixing

  • GDB-3615 PluginManager generates false positive notifications for added/removed statements after an update