What is GraphDB?

GraphDB is an enterprise ready Semantic Graph Database, compliant with W3C Standards. Semantic graph databases (also called RDF triplestores) provide the core infrastructure for solutions where modelling agility, data integration, relationship exploration and cross-enterprise data publishing and consumption are important.

GraphDB is the only triplestore that can perform semantic inferencing at scale allowing users to create new semantic facts from existing facts. It is proven to handles massive loads, queries and inferencing in real time.

What can you do with GraphDB?

  • Model data in way that allows you to interlink and query entities, exploring the relationships between them
  • Perform semantic inferencing at scale and create new semantic facts from existing ones. You can do that based on rules, representing domain specific business logic as an explicit part of the data model.
  • Reduce the risk of vendor lock-in, complying to standards such as RDF/OWL, SPARQL
  • Model your own schema viewing and querying the same data that also uses different vocabularies
  • Start with any of the datasets available for free in the Linked Open Data cloud
  • Interlink and enrich information assets with 3rd party Open Data sets
  • Improve data interchange by publishing and interlinking data across applications

For practical applications of GraphDB in real environments check our case studies.