GraphDB Feature Comparison


GraphDB Free

GraphDB SE

GraphDB EE

Manage unlimited number of RDF statements

Full SPARQL 1.1 support

Deploy anywhere using Java

100% compatible with RDF4J framework

Ultra fast forward-chaining reasoning

Efficient retraction of inferred statements upon update

Full standard-compliant and optimized rulesets for RDFS, OWL 2 RL, and QL

Custom reasoning and consistency checking rulesets

Plugin API for engine extension

Support for Geospatial indexing & querying, plus GeoSPARQL

Query optimizer allowing effective query execution

Workbench interface to manage repositories, data, user accounts and access roles

Lucene connector for full-text search

Solr connector for full-text search

Elasticsearch connector for full-text search

Kafka connector for synchronizing changes to the RDF model to any Kafka consumer

High performance load, query and inference simultaneously

Limited to two concurrent queries

Automatic failover, synchronization and load balancing to maximize cluster utilisation

Scale out concurrent query processing allowing query throughput to scale proportionally to the number of cluster nodes

Cluster elasticity remaining fully functional in the event of failing nodes

Community support

Commercial SLA