User Management

What’s in this document?

Create new user

This is the user creation screen.


Any user can have three different roles:

  • User - can save SPARQL queries, graph visualizations or user-specific server side settings. Can also be given specific repository permissions.

  • Repository manager - in addition to what a standard user can do, also has full read and write permission to all repositories. Can create, edit, and delete them. Can also access monitoring and configure whether the service reports anonymous usage statistics.

  • Admin - can perform any server operation.

Regular users can be granted specific repository permissions. Granting a write permission to a user will mean that they can also read that repository.

If you want to allow a particular user global access to all repositories, you can do that by using the Any data repository checkbox.

Set password

The edit icon under Actions next to each user in the list will take you to the following screen:


The only difference between the Edit user and Create new user screens is that in Edit user, you cannot change the username.