Cloud deployments for GraphDB

GraphDB is also available as a cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services. You will need access to an AWS account in which GraphDB will be deployed. For more information on how to set up an AWS environment, check the instructions on How to deploy GraphDB in AWS, and then follow the general installation instructions

AWS billable services required by GraphDB

The table below lists the minimum billable and non-billable AWS services to deploy GraphDB on AWS.


Please refer to the AWS Services website for the latest AWS documentation and information on pricing.

AWS Service




Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Allows you to create a logically isolated virtual network for your GraphDB deployment

AWS Systems Manager

License and various GraphDB configurations are saved in the Parameter Store

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Provides user and access management for your GraphDB deployment

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Virtual Instances to host Elastic Kubernetes Service managed nodes and database nodes

Network Load Balancer (NLB)

Load balancing service that distributes incoming network traffic across GraphDB nodes

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Provides persistent block-level storage volumes for EC2 instances

Simple Storage Service (S3)

Used to store GraphDB data backups

AWS CloudWatch

Enables monitoring and logging

AWS Support

AWS Support for troubleshooting AWS service specific issues