How to install GraphDB

GraphDB can be operated as a desktop or a server application. The server application is recommended if you plan to migrate your setup to a production environment. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and follow the steps below:

Run GraphDB as a desktop installation — For desktop users, we recommend the quick installation, which comes with a preconfigured Java. This is the easiest and fastest way to start using the GraphDB database.

Run GraphDB as a standalone server — For production use, we recommend installing the standalone server. The installation comes with a preconfigured web server. This is the standard way to use GraphDB if you plan to use the database for longer periods with preconfigured log files.

Run GraphDB in AWS cloud — GraphDB is also available on Amazon Web Services. This installation requires you set up an environment on AWS before you install GraphDB.

Run GraphDB in Azure cloud — GraphDB is also available on Microsoft Azure. This installation requires you to set up an environment on Azure before you install GraphDB.

GraphDB is available under three different licenses — Free, Standard, and Enterprise. If you have obtained a commercial license, you can set it up by following the documentation below.

To see the content of the GraphDB distribution package, check the Distribution package documentation


Check the Migrating GraphDB configurations guide for help with updating your GraphDB version.