Roadmap for Q4‘15 and Q1‘16

Release Features
20-Dec, next 6.x minor
  • MultiDC improvements - Backup/Restore and Majority voting in synchronisation;
  • Better visualisations in Workbench;
  • Autocompletion of URIs in Workbench;
  • Open source plugins.
1-Feb, next 6.x minor
  • Cluster improvements to read/write scalability;
  • Local Consistency;
  • Improved provenance plugin;
  • Better visualisations in the Workbench - Data exploration.
1-Mar, GraphDB 7.0
  • Sesame 2.8 support;
  • Improved logging;
  • FactForge-like FTS in the Workbench;
  • PGM Blueprints;
  • Easier setup of license files;
  • LoadRDF/StorageTool integration in the Workbench.