Release notes

GraphDB release notes provide information about the features and improvements in each release, as well as various bugfixes. GraphDB’s versioning scheme is based on semantic versioning. The full version is composed of three components:


e.g., 7.1.2 where the major version is 7, the minor version is 1 and the patch version is 2.


Releases with the same major and minor versions do not contain any new features. Releases with different patch versions contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous minor. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version.

GraphDB 7 includes two components with their own version numbers:

  • Sesame
  • GraphDB Connectors

Their individual versions use the same semantic versioning scheme as the whole product and their values are provided only as a reference.

GraphDB 7.1

Released: 10 August, 2016

Component versions

Sesame Connectors
2.9.0 5.1.0


  • New parallel inference with LoadRDF: LoadRDF is a tool for fast initial database load. Now the tool supports a new parallel inference mode, which utilises all available CPU cores. LoadRDF greatly reduces the initial loading time.
  • Optimised memory management: Large static dictionary collections are moved to the JVM’s off-heap space, which significantly reduces the garbage collection time of big repositories.
  • Improved schema exploration: Class hierarchy and relationship diagrams operate with thousands of ontology classes and ontology predicates. The new UI features improve the usability for quick schema navigation and exploration.
  • Support of the latest Sesame 2.9.0 release.

GraphDB Engine

Features and improvements:

  • OWLIM-3029 Remove the global cache in the entity pool and create caches in each of the entity pool connections;
  • OWLIM-3055 Move entity pool hash table and index off-heap;
  • OWLIM-3095 Make public downloads of GraphDB SE and EE from;
  • OWLIM-2979 Upgrade to Sesame 2.9.0;
  • OWLIM-3056 Cache values in system graphs to prevent array allocation.

Bug fixes

  • OWLIM-3060 Memory leak when using a combination of INSERT and SELECT queries with GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses;
  • OWLIM-3070 Literal index never returns the value of 0 if the object is already bound by another triple pattern;
  • OWLIM-3126 Disable-sameAs returns all the generated sameAs statements;
  • OWLIM-2940 URIs containing dot fail with RDF parser error;
  • OWLIM-3120 Non-free pages are mistakenly reused when the chain of indices is long enough;
  • OWLIM-3088 Consistency rule doesn’t fire if there is same statement within a system context;
  • OWLIM-3043 Federated queries with SERVICE operator do not return the expected results;
  • OWLIM-3101 Axioms are added to the number of explicit statements in after GraphDB shutdown;
  • OWLIM-3100 The number of explicit statements in System Info (describe request and rest/repositories/repository/size) is wrong;
  • OWLIM-1920 Graph query returns sameAs not in graph, depending on Inference and Download format;
  • OWLIM-3024 After ‘clear data’ the disable-sameAs configuration parameter gets ignored;
  • OWLIM-3038 A rule line ending with a literal could not have a [Cut] or a [Constraint ...] modifier;
  • OWLIM-3040 Suboptimal premise order when generation rule variants for a ruleset;
  • OWLIM-3041 A Context Statement may be skipped by WildCardPredicateIterator if there is an equivalent triple in some System context (ruleset functional tables));
  • OWLIM-3110 LoadRDF hangs when loading an archive with multiple files in parallel mode;
  • OWLIM-3115 The SailConnection implementation doesn’t conform to the API when null value is passed as context;
  • OWLIM-3119 No support for the sesame:nil special context that identifies the default context in SPARQL;
  • OWLIM-3157 Namespaces returned from SailConnectionImpl should be compared with both prefix and namespace name;
  • OWLIM-3152 StorageTool default export, exports EXP EQ and DEL statements;
  • OWLIM-3160 LoadRDF inferencers left garbage in the /tmp dir on failed loads.

No longer supported features:

  • OWLIM-3097 Remove the configuration of index compression, shutdown hooks and query optimisations from the repository parameters.

GraphDB Workbench

Features and improvements:

  • WB-984 Support for default repository;
  • WB-989 Support for “browser URI” to “data URI” resource exploring;
  • WB-993 Support for specifying the external URL for the Workbench;
  • WB-1019 Added collapsed properties in the domain-range graph diagram;
  • WB-904 Added filter to the classes shown in the dependencies diagram;
  • WB-1038 Added filter to the instances shown in the class hierarchy diagram.

Bug fixes

  • WB-1026 graphdb.workbench.importDirectory and other Workbench properties cannot be set in the config file;
  • WB-1032 Repositories whose name differ only by case cannot be used on case insensitive file systems (Windows, Mac with default settings);
  • WB-1036 Incorrect total count of instances in class hierarchy;
  • WB-1050 Non-prefixed URIs with # in the class hierarchy don’t open in SPARQL view;
  • WB-1052 Class hierarchy info doesn’t work when no repository in activated;
  • WB-1054 Class relationships diagram doesn’t detect repository changes;
  • WB-1078 Proxy to remote locations doesn’t handle virtual hosts and locations with security;
  • WB-1082 Able to clear SYSTEM repository;
  • WB-842 Wrong dependency circles with big data;
  • WB-965 Clear repository icon missing from Contexts view when there are no contexts;
  • WB-1019 Added collapsed properties in the domain-range graph diagram;
  • WB-904 Added filter to the classes shown in the dependencies diagram;
  • WB-1038 Added filter to the instances shown in the class hierarchy diagram;
  • WB-1062 Deleted repository with its name used as a newly created repository; results in invalid class hierarchy diagram based on the deleted one’s data;
  • WB-1016 Repositories that contain the string “system” are not shown properly in the Locations & Repositories view;
  • WB-1097 Change the focus to the textarea when I click on a particular tab;
  • WB-1088 Unable to edit username/pass for remote locations.

GraphDB Connectors

Features and improvements:

  • STORE-240 Upgrade Elasticsearch to 2.3.3 and Lucene/Solr to 5.5.2;
  • STORE-241 Support Elasticsearch cluster node auto-discovery with client.transport.sniff and configuration of multiple explicit nodes.

Bug fixes

  • STORE-244 Connector fingerprint not reset on transaction rollback caused by exception;
  • STORE-245 Connector fingerprint may go out of sync in a cluster after a worker restart;
  • STORE-232 Race condition with concurrent queries/updates in Lucene;
  • STORE-239 Integer/long/double/float/boolean fields are stored as strings in Elasticsearch;
  • STORE-243 NullPointerException in the Lucene connect.