Administration tools

GraphDB can be administered through the GraphDB Workbench, the JMX interface, or programmatically.

Through the Workbench

For administering the repository through the Workbench, see Managing repositories.

Through the JMX interface

After initialisation, GraphDB will register a number of JMX MBeans for each repository, each providing a different set of information and functions for specific features. The JMX endpoint is configured using special system properties when starting the Java virtual machine (JVM) in which GraphDB is running. For example, the following command line parameters set the JMX server endpoint to listen on port 8089, without an authentication and a secure socket layer:

If using GraphDB with Tomcat, these parameters must be passed to Tomcat’s JVM by setting either the JAVA_OPTS or CATALINA_OPTS environment variable, e.g.:

set JAVA_OPTS=""

For some Linux distributions, you can also edit the file /etc/default/tomcat6 and set JAVA_OPTS there.

Once GraphDB is loaded, use any compliant JMX client, e.g., jconsole that is part of the Java development kit, to access the JMX interface on the configured port.