Creating locations and repositoriesΒΆ


Locations represent individual GraphDB servers, where the repository data is stored. They can be local (a directory on the disk) or remote (an end-point URL). Only a single location can be active at a time. Each location has a SYSTEM repository containing meta-data about how to initialise other repositories from the current location.

When started, GraphDB creates GraphDB-HOME/data directory as a default location.

Locations can be attached, edited and detached. To attach a data location:

  1. Go to Admin -> Locations and Repositories.

  2. Click Attach location.

  3. Enter a location:

  4. Click the Add button.

  5. Create a repository with the Create Repository button.

  6. Enter the Repository ID (e.g., worker-node) and leave all other optional configuration settings with their default values.


    For repositories with more than few tens of millions of statements, see Configuring a repository.

  7. Click the the Connect button to set the newly created repository as the repository for this location.

  8. Use the pin to select your default repository.