Using Maven artifacts

From GraphDB 7.1, we opened our Maven repository and it is now possible to download GraphDB Maven artifacts without credentials.


You still need to get a license from our Sales team as the artifacts do not provide such.

Public Maven repository

The public Maven repository for the current Graphdb release is at To get started, add the following endpoint to your preferred build system.

For the Gradle build script:

repositories {
    maven {
        url ""

For the Maven POM file:



To use the distribution for some automation or to run integration tests in embedded Tomcat, get the zip artifacts with the following snippet:

GraphDB JAR file for embedding the database or plugin development

To embed the database in your application or develop a plugin, you need the GraphDB runtime JAR. Here are the details for the runtime JAR artifact:

I want to proxy the repository in my nexus

We have verified that the following options worked as expected


note that this won’t give you the ability to browse and index/search our repository. This is a shortcoming of the fact that we achieve the authentication through a repository target at the moment.