Release notes

GraphDB release notes provide information about the features and improvements in each release, as well as various bugfixes. GraphDB’s versioning scheme is based on semantic versioning. The full version is composed of three components:


e.g., 8.1.2 where the major version is 8, the minor version is 1 and the patch version is 2.


Releases with the same major and minor versions do not contain any new features. Releases with different patch versions contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous minor. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version.

GraphDB 8 includes two components with their version numbers:

  • RDF4J
  • GraphDB Connectors

Their versions use the same semantic versioning scheme as the whole product, and their values are provided only as a reference.

GraphDB 8.5

Released: 16 March 2018

Component versions

RDF4J Connectors
2.2.4 7.2.0


  • Add an efficient mechanism to replace existing repository data during RDF import. In the scope of a single transaction, the CLEAR GRAPH :myGraph transaction followed by import in the same graph will optimize its execution by doing only the delta.
  • Generate database server report with all important system information and error through the Workbench interface. The new feature is available from Help > System information.
  • Resume long running data loadings started with the preload tool even after critical failures. Preload will detect previous unsuccessful runs and will try to resume the process.
  • Report all errors generated during the SPARQL query execution. All query timeouts, errors raised by the database plugins and external services are properly reported.
  • RDF Rank plugin user interface under Setup > RDF Rank.
  • Upgrade to the latest RDF4J 2.2.4 public release.

GraphDB Engine

Features and improvements

  • GDB-2232 As a user I need transactional preload processing, which supports resume and consistent output even after failure
  • GDB-2275 As a user I need an easy to use and efficient mechanism to update GraphDB repository data
  • GDB-2278 As an administrator I need an automated way to collect all important system information and package it as an archive
  • GDB-2279 Provide effective error and message reporting in Workbench
  • GDB-2327 Limit the maximum size or number of string concatenations to prevent the engine dying
  • GDB-2284 Upgrade Spring to v5

Bug fixes

  • GDB-2143 Incorrect error message “Query evaluation took too long” after a query was aborted by the user
  • GDB-2263 FILTER(?x = ?y) assigns ?y to ?x
  • GDB-2304 Divergent implicit transaction handling for SPARQL update after update monitoring
  • GDB-2315 Inconsistent results between cluster and single instance when executing queries with multiple operations
  • GDB-2344 Some implicit statements are not counted correctly when removing them
  • GDB-2367 PreloadData tool could not handle literals longer than 1M bytes
  • GDB-2373 Storage tool should be able to rebuild CPSO from POS or PSO
  • GDB-2414 Inconsistent number of explicit statements after delete
  • GDB-2424 A SPARQL query with sub-query construct hitting the Connector demonstrates inconsistent evaluation behaviour
  • GDB-2439 FILTER with a BIND variable generates fails to filter results
  • GDB-2441 Incorrect inference with unbound variables in OWL2-QL

GraphDB Cluster

Bug fixes

  • GDB-2264 HTTP errors on workers may lead to an endless loop when executing an update on the master
  • GDB-2271 Updates should fail within a reasonable time if no workers are available

GraphDB Workbench

Features and improvements

  • GDB-2066 As a user I need an easy way to enable RDF rank from UI
  • GDB-2260 Use direct resource URLs rather than resource?uri=
  • GDB-2287 Add enable/disable sameAs to the visual graph settings
  • GDB-2288 As a user when I execute a query and click the visual button, I want the inference and sameAs settings to be taken into account
  • GDB-2376 Provide ways for different applications to reuse visual diagrams programmatically

Bug fixes

  • GDB-1763 After Workbench upgrade the UI may fail because of old cached libraries
  • GDB-2272 Visual graph: cannot delete a saved graph instance
  • GDB-2307 When there is a dot in the connector name, you cannot expand it
  • GDB-2334 Leaving Workbench opened during the rebuilding of Predicate Lists causes “Too many open files” exception
  • GDB-2388 My Settings menu “Save” and “Cancel” both result in a save
  • GDB-2398 Expired license warning in navbar provides access to “set license” view even when the license is set outside of * Workbench
  • GDB-2401 Ontorefine does not properly escape columns with
  • GDB-2408 GraphDB workbench freeze if you paste ”:” right before a prefix statement
  • GDB-2455 There should be an indicator that the graphs list is loading

GraphDB Connectors & Plugins

Features and improvements

  • GDB-2372 Add minimal Java 9 support in GeoSPARQL plugin

Bug fixes

  • GDB-2336 RDF Rank incremental compute corrupts the ranks

GraphDB Distribution

Features and improvements

  • GDB-1913 As an administrator I need Apache Tomcat version with active support, so upgrade to the latest Tomcat to 9.0.x

Bug fixes

  • GDB-2399 Could not start GraphDB on 32-bit Java, because of a too big MaxDirectMemorySize default size.