Autocomplete index

The Autocomplete index offers suggestions for the URIs local names in the SPARQL editor and the View Resource page.

It is disabled by default. Go to Setup -> Autocomplete to enable it. GraphDBD indexes all URIs in the repository by splitting their local names into words, for example, subPropertyOf is split into sub+Property+Of. This way, when you search for a word, the Autocomplete finds URIs with local names containing the symbols that you typed in the editor.


If you get strange results and you think the index is broken, use the Build Now button.


If you try to use autocompletion before it is enabled, a tooltip warns you that the autocomplete index is off and provides a link for building the index.


Autocomplete in the SPARQL editor

To start autocompletion in the SPARQL editor, use the shortcuts Alt+Enter / Ctrl+Space / Cmd+Space depending on your OS and the way you have set up your shortcuts. You can use autocompletion to:

  • search in all URIs

  • search only for URIs that start with a certain prefix

  • search for more than one word


    Just start writing the words one after another without spaces, e.g., “pngOnto”, and the index smartly splits them.

  • search for numbers


Autocomplete in the View resource

To use the autocompletion feature to find a resource, go to Explore -> View resource and start typing.