What is a location?
A location is either a local (to the Workbench installation) directory where your repositories will be stored or a remote instance of GraphDB. You can have multiple attached locations but only a single location can be active at a given time.
How do I attach a location?
Go to Admin/Locations and Repositories. Click the Attach location button. For a local location you need to provide the absolute pathname to a directory and for a remote location you need to provide a URL through which the server running the Workbench can see the remote GraphDB instance.
What is a repository?
A repository is essentially a single GraphDB database. Multiple repositories can be active at the same time and they are isolated from each other.
How do I create a repository?
Go to Admin/Locations and Repositories. Activate an existing location or add a new one, then click the Create repository button.
How do I create a GraphDB EE cluster without knowing JMX?
Create some master and worker repositories first (in a production cluster each master and worker should be in a separate GraphDB instance). Go to Admin/Cluster management, where you’ll see a visual representation of repositories and each cluster. Drag and drop workers onto masters to connect them.