Distribution package

The GraphDB platform independent distribution packaged in version 7.0.0 and newer contains the following files:

Path Description
adapters/ Support for SAIL graphs with the Blueprints API
benchmark/ Semantic publishing benchmark scripts
bin/ Scripts for running various utilities, such as LoadRDF and the Storage Tool
conf/ GraphDB properties and logback.xml
configs/ Standard reasoning rulesets and a repository template
doc/ License agreements
examples/ Getting started and Maven installer examples, sample dataset and queries
lib/ Database binary files
plugins/ Geo-sparql and SPARQL-mm plugins
README The readme file

After the first successful database run, the following directories will be generated, unless their default value is not explicitly changed in conf/graphdb.properties.

Default path Description
data/ Location of the repository data
logs/ Place to store of all database log files
work/ Work directory with non-user editable configurations