Release notes

GraphDB release notes provide information about the features and improvements in each release, as well as various bugfixes. GraphDB’s versioning scheme is based on semantic versioning. The full version is composed of three components:


e.g., 8.1.2 where the major version is 8, the minor version is 1 and the patch version is 2.


Releases with the same major and minor versions do not contain any new features. Releases with different patch versions contain fixes for bugs discovered since the previous minor. New or significantly changed features are released with a higher major or minor version.

GraphDB 8 includes two components with their version numbers:

  • RDF4J
  • GraphDB Connectors

Their versions use the same semantic versioning scheme as the whole product, and their values are provided only as a reference.

GraphDB 8.9.0

Released: 28 March 2019

Component versions

RDF4J Connectors
2.4.6 10.1.0


  • Similarity users can create hybrid similarity searches using pre-built text-based similarity vectors for the predication-based similarity index
  • Similarity users are able to run similarity indexes in more that one iterations
  • Similarity users can add weights for the terms when searching text-based similarity indexes
  • Similarity users are able to use analogical search for predication indexing
  • GraphDB users have an easy way to abort query/update from the SPARQL editor in the Workbench
  • Upgraded to the latest RDF4J 2.4.6 public release with the latest bug fixes and features implemented in the RDF4J

GraphDB Engine

Features and improvements

  • GDB-3146 Add a configuration to control the parallel load inferencers and buffers releasing at the end of each transaction
  • GDB-3174 Upgrade to the latest RDF4J 2.4.6
  • GDB-3205 As a GraphDB user I need an easy way to set inference and disable-sameAs options for local federation

Bug fixing

  • GDB-3048 GraphDB doesn’t show window and doesn’t open automatically in browser on systems that lack tray support
  • GDB-3129 Synchronization problems when invoking incremental backup
  • GDB-3132 Bad transition from INITIAL to PRECOMMIT after kill -9
  • GDB-3143 Console script isn’t aware of graph-dist folder
  • GDB-3154 Aborting an update while waiting to acquire the write lock leads to a series of improper cleanup
  • GDB-3160 Aborting pending parallel transactions leads to NPE and not closing the track record
  • GDB-3163 OutOfMemoryError when evaluating complex UNION queries
  • GDB-3175 For multi-update transactions, only the initial update is visible before the transaction is committed
  • GDB-3177 A memory leak related to transactions containing both insertions and queries
  • GDB-3179 Tomcat connector parameters not loaded when passed as arguments
  • GDB-3200 Null Pointer Exception on trying to add an “UPDATE” operation to a transaction
  • GDB-3215 Suboptimal query plan when using VALUES with multiple values
  • GDB-3255 Evaluation of MINUS within UNION is not correct. Missing solutions
  • GDB-3263 Incorrect processing of Prefices section of a rule file
  • GDB-3313 Problem with SPARQL MINUS query with
  • GDB-3338 Aborting a pending transaction leads to NPE via commitContext
  • GDB-3342 GraphDB Free deadlock when all IRI’s used as context in get/hasStatements() request are unknown

GraphDB Workbench

Features and improvements

  • GDB-3079 Remember IRI and Predicate choices for Predication similarity searches
  • GDB-3155 As a GraphDB user I need an easy way to abort query/update from the SPARQL editor in the Workbench
  • GDB-3254 Disable switching of tabs while query or update is being run and edit tab via double click

Bug fixing

  • GDB-1847 Visual graph: Continuous loading animation when trying to expand a node with no repository selected
  • GDB-2497 Hanging query shows its previous results when tab is switched
  • GDB-2687 Settings in the preview of visual graph config may be different from the settings in the visual graph itself
  • GDB-2904 Issue Removing RDF URLs in Workbench
  • GDB-2977 Inconsistent “No license set” errors throughout different sections of the workbench
  • GDB-3018 The number of queries is not properly updating in the top right corner of the master UI
  • GDB-3049 “Keyboard shortcuts” label overlapping “Cancel” button when creating new visual graph configuration
  • GDB-3050 Search Class Hierarchy not working in Firefox
  • GDB-3051 Reloading Class Relationships breaks JS
  • GDB-3080 Similarity: there is no query validation for the Search query functionality
  • GDB-3090 JS error after “Copy from existing index” of similarity
  • GDB-3099 Similarity: “Test Query” view messes up “Search Query”
  • GDB-3122 Deleting a graph will reset the Graphs per page preference
  • GDB-3184 Similarity: “Test Query” messes up SPARQL screen queries state
  • GDB-3223 OntoRefine: JS error when you open the page
  • GDB-3253 Query results are cleared when refreshing or loading the SPARQL editor
  • GDB-3270 Hanging query shows its previous results when pages are switched
  • GDB-3330 Aborting a pending transaction affects creating a similarity index

GraphDB Cluster

Bug fixing

  • GDB-3226 Asynchronous RDFRank build in cluster breaks the cluster

GraphDB Plugins & Connectors

Features and improvements

  • GDB-3134 Add a more detailed logging when creating a MongoDB index
  • GDB-3239 Upgrade SPARQL-MM to version 2.0
  • GDB-3037 As a user I want to use analogical search for predication indexing
  • GDB-3135 As a user I want to add weight for some terms when searching similarity indexes
  • GDB-3166 As a user I want to create a hybrid similarity where to use built text-based similarity vectors for the predication-based similarity index
  • GDB-3169 As a user I need to run similarity indexes in more that one iterations
  • GDB-3148 RDFRank should compute/recompute ranks synchronous by default

Bug fixing

  • GDB-2934 Similarity: change the links for build and search parameters to point to the GraphDB documentation
  • GDB-3111 Similarity indexes with same query returns different search results
  • GDB-3128 Similarity: aborting the index build query will leave the index in a failed state, but still accessible
  • GDB-3130 Similarity: Creating an index with existing name does nothing without reporting the error to the user
  • GDB-3136 Building Similarity index can’t be stopped with ctrl + c
  • GDB-3140 Similarity plugin should use lucene weights on searching
  • GDB-3190 Elasticsearch connector uses incompatible options when datatype is set to “native:completion”
  • GDB-3237 Similarity index path seems to be absolute, not relative to GraphDB folder
  • GDB-3312 GeoSPARQL doesn’t pick up prefix tree and precision options properly

GraphDB Distribution

Features and improvements

  • GDB-2780 Remove all unused third party libraries from the distribution