Exporting Data

Data can be exported in several ways and formats.

Exporting a repository

  1. Go to Explore ‣ Graphs overview.

  2. Click Export repository and then the format that fits your needs.


Exporting individual graphs

  1. Go to Explore ‣ Graphs overview.

  2. A list of contexts (graphs) in a repository is displayed. You can also search for particular graphs from the search field above it.

  3. Inspect a graph by clicking on it.

  4. Delete a graph by clicking the bucket icon.

  5. Or click to export the graph in the format of your choice.


Exporting query results

The SPARQL query results can also be exported from the SPARQL view by clicking Download As.

Exporting resources

After finding a resource from the View resource on GraphDB’s home page, you can download its RDF triples in a format of your choice: