Running GraphDB

GraphDB can be operated as a desktop or a server application. The server application is recommended if you plan to migrate your setup to a production environment. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and follow the steps below:

Run GraphDB as a standalone server - For production use, we recommend installing the standalone server. The installation comes with a preconfigured web server. This is the standard way to use GraphDB if you plan to use the database for longer periods with preconfigured log files.

Run GraphDB in a Docker container - If you are into Docker and containers, we provide ready-to-use images for Docker. See more at

Run GraphDB with Helm charts - From version 9.8 onwards, GraphDB Enterprise Edition can be deployed with open-source Helm charts. See how to set up complex GraphDB deployments on Kubernetes at


The GraphDB Helm charts are an experimental feature under active development. More features will be added gradually and independently of GraphDB releases.