GraphDB Free

GraphDB Free is the free standalone edition of GraphDB. It is implemented in Java and packaged as a Storage and Inference Layer (SAIL) for the RDF4J RDF framework. GraphDB Free is a native RDF rule-entailment and storage engine. The supported semantics can be configured through ruleset definition and selection. Included are rulesets for OWL-Horst, unconstrained RDFS with OWL Lite, and the OWL2 profiles RL and QL. Custom rulesets allow tuning for optimal performance and expressivity.

Reasoning and query evaluation are performed over a persistent storage layer. Loading, reasoning, and query evaluation proceed extremely quickly even against huge ontologies and knowledge bases.

GraphDB Free can manage billions of explicit statements on a desktop hardware and can handle tens of billions of statements on a commodity server hardware.

Comparison of GraphDB Free and GraphDB SE

GraphDB Free and GraphDB SE are identical in terms of usage and integration and share most features:

  • designed as an enterprise-grade semantic repository system;

  • suitable for massive volumes of data;

  • file-based indexes (enables it to scale to billions of statements even on desktop machines);

  • inference and query optimizations (ensures fast query evaluations).

GraphDB Free
  • suitable for low query loads and smaller projects.

GraphDB SE
  • suitable for heavy query loads.