Setting up Licenses

GraphDB SE is available under an RDBMS-like commercial license on a per-server-CPU basis. It is neither free nor open source. To purchase a license or obtain a copy for evaluation, please contact

When installing GraphDB SE, the license file can be set through the GraphDB Workbench or programmatically:

Setting up licenses through the Workbench


To do that, follow the steps:

  1. Add, view or update your license by clicking on the key icon next to the active location path.

  2. Select the license file and register it.


    You can also copy and paste it in the text area.

  3. Validate your license.

  4. After completing these steps, you will see the details of your license.

Setting up licenses through a file

GraphDB will look for a graphdb.license file in the GraphDB configuration directory (by default conf under GraphDB-HOME). To install a license file there, copy the license file as graphdb.license.

Custom file path property

You can use the configuration property graphdb.license.file to provide a custom path for the license file, for example:

graphdb.license.file = /opt/graphdb/my-graphdb-dev.license

The license file must be readable by the user running GraphDB.


If you set the license through a file in the config directory or a custom path, you will not be able to change the license through the GraphDB Workbench.

Order of preference

When looking for a license, GraphDB will use the first license it finds in this order:

  • The custom license file property graphdb.license.file;

  • The file graphdb.license in the configuration directory;

  • A license set through the GraphDB Workbench.

Deprecated methods

GraphDB SE 9.5 supports some deprecated methods for setting the license. If you use one of them, please consider switching to one of the official methods, as support for the deprecated ones may be dropped in a future version. The deprecated methods are:

  • The OWLIM_LICENSE environment variable;

  • The owlim-license system property;

  • The owlim:owlim-license repository property.


The licenses for each commercial GraphDB edition are different, and will not work if used with the wrong software.


By default, GraphDB can be run on a machine with more CPUs than licensed.