Workbench is the GraphDB web-based administration tool. The user interface is similar to the RDF4J Workbench Web Application, but with more functionality.

The GraphDB Workbench can be used for:

  • managing GraphDB repositories;

  • loading and exporting data;

  • executing SPARQL queries and updates;

  • managing namespaces;

  • managing contexts;

  • viewing/editing RDF resources;

  • monitoring queries;

  • monitoring resources;

  • managing users and permissions;

  • managing connectors;

  • provides REST API for automating various tasks for managing and administrating repositories.

GraphDB Workbench is a separate project available at It is also part of the GraphDB distribution and can be configured with the graphdb.workbench.home property. As a user, this makes it easy for you to extend and reuse parts of the Workbench. See Extend GraphDB Workbench.