What is GraphDB?

Ontotext GraphDB is a highly efficient, scalable and robust graph database with RDF and SPARQL support. With excellent enterprise features, integration with external search applications, compatibility with industry standards, and both community and commercial support, GraphDB is the preferred database choice of both small independent developers and big enterprises.

GraphDB is one of the few triplestores that can perform semantic inferencing at scale, allowing users to derive new semantic facts from existing facts. It handles massive loads, queries, and inferencing in real time.

Reasoning and query evaluation are performed over a persistent storage layer. Loading, reasoning, and query evaluation proceed extremely quickly even against huge ontologies and knowledge bases.

GraphDB can manage billions of explicit statements on desktop hardware and handle tens of billions of statements on commodity server hardware. According to the LDBC Semantic Publishing Benchmark, it is one of the most scalable OWL repositories currently available.

Ontotext offers licenses for two editions of GraphDB:

  • GraphDB Free

  • GraphDB Enterprise (EE)

The GraphDB Standard Edition (SE), while no longer offered, still receives legacy support.